Strategic Planning

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The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Government Accountability Office (GAO) are placing increasing importance on the planning, selection, and control of IT investments. To achieve your agency’s strategic goals, thorough understanding of IT governance and project oversight definition is required.

Capital Planning Investment Control (CPIC) is not an exercise in paperwork or something you do to check off a box on a scorecard. It is a systematic approach of selecting the right mix of investments to meet goals, and then managing those investments to ensure success. The CPIC methodology’s select, control, and ongoing evaluation process ensures that each investment’s objectives support the needs of your agency and align with the established enterprise architecture.

Through the sound management of IT investments, the CPIC process not only ensures that investments maximize returns to your agency but can also minimize risks while contributing to your IT strategy. The CPIC process operates most efficiently when all IT initiatives are subject to the same levels of oversight, quality control, and executive review to ensure that IT investments are managed within cost, schedule, and performance parameters.