About Dhara

About Dhara Consulting

Established in 1997 at the advent of the Internet bubble, DHARA™ focused on software development projects, exclusively in the private sector. Industries we covered varied from Healthcare to Financial Services. Our consultants saw the Y2K crisis through, rode the dot.com frenzy and landed softly in its aftermath. Our experiences through the turbulent times of the Internet evolution and subsequent evolution of distributed computing, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and electronic commerce taught us the fundamentals of how to Architect, Design and Develop large-scale IT systems. During this phase, we also helped launch RFID into the commercial space (working with our customer GS1 US and MIT).

After 2007, we progressed to the Public sector, focusing on the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Defense (Defense Health Agency), Internal Revenue Service, US Air Force and Department of State. Our consultants acquired very specific domain knowledge in various segments of Public Sector Agencies, in addition to staying abreast of technology evolutions, such as SOA, Micro Services, Cloud Computing (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, VMWare vCloud), Cyber Security, DevSecOps, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

DHARA™ has a relentless focus on understanding customer requirements and providing the best value for customer, while ensuring tactical execution of projects are aligned with long-term and strategic objectives.

We bring the best talent to any customer engagement and pride ourselves on very high employee morale and very low turn-over. We hire self-motivated and talented professionals. Our recruitment of talent spans tech industry, academia and employee referrals. We believe in the adage – BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER. We place emphasis on organic staff growth, which is mostly accomplished through internal referrals.

DHARA™ is actively engaged in expanding our focus to next-generation technologies, with an eye towards its effective implementation for the Public and Private sectors. We are heavily invested in developing technology solutions that are relevant to specific industries and domains. We have established partnerships with leading technology providers to stay abreast of the latest capabilities on offer. Many of our employees hold multiple certifications from our partners which include:

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