Industries & Clients

At DHARA™, we provide our customers with strategies that are innovative, creative, and forward-thinking and solutions that are high quality, technically superior, robust, and ultimately ensure success!

As partners on the path toward performance optimization, our goal is to work with you in a way that complements and supports your existing capabilities. We analyze IT problems in detail and present multiple solutions to you.

We will provide any level of implementation assistance you desire at every step of the way. We never lose sight of the need to achieve your desired results for you, your employees, your customers and stakeholders.

Current Clients

Dept of Defense (Air Force)

Dhara is currently working within various programs in the Air Force including:

C4ISR – Provide Enterprise Architecture and Solutions Architecture support to various mission-critical systems and programs within the Intelligence Community (IC).

Cloud Migration – Support Cloud migration activities to Amazon C2S (IaaS,  PaaS).

PlatformOne – Assist with evaluating, developing and testing the PlatformOne software factory in Amazon C2S.

Artificial Intelligence – Evaluate various Artificial Intelligence (AI) frameworks that are relevant to ISR activities.

Dept of State [The Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA) / Office of Consular Systems & Technology (CST)]

CAEIO – Dhara is currently assisting The Bureau of Consular Affairs with enterprise infrastructure support in environments related to VISA and Passport processing.

EXADATA – Worked to modernize a large Oracle database network to EXADATA.

Huntington Ingalls

DHARA™ supports HII Defense And Federal Solutions in the Air Forces Europe and Africa (DOD – USAF) by provide ISR services in support of PMRO.


DHARA™ supports Peraton with managing enterprise security across 250+ Consulates globally. This includes operational support for the HW/SW platfom1s on which CA IT systems reside and operate as well as providing operational support for CA applications and databases.


DHARA™ is in the process of participating in a Mentor-Protégé Program with Leidos that is designed to motivate and encourage large business prime contractor firms to provide mutually beneficial developmental assistance to small businesses. DHARA™ brings an unprecedented quality of technical capabilities to the protégé firms. Our Team’s influence in the Air Force Leadership at Robins AFB, Langley AFB, and the Pentagon. We are rapidly expanding our presence to other Air Force locations such as Dayton, Boston, and San Antonio, establishing offices and growing local talent.

Past Clients

Uniform Code Council, UCCnet Division (A subsidiary of GS1US)

Uniform Code Council is a not-for-profit organization, chartered by the CPG (Consumer Product Goods) industry for establishing standards in electronic commerce and bar-code technologies. Dhara is working as the sole sub-contracting firm in building the UCCnet system, utilizing the latest technologies (J2EE, Oracle, Java, XML, PKI). Dhara consultants serve as the chief architects, providing architectural and design guidance in building the online exchange. Several major retailers and suppliers such as Wal-mart, P&G, Target, Unilever etc., utilize this system currently.

T. Rowe Price – Mutual Fund Applications

The Dhara team developed several software applications using C++, CORBA. AIX, Windows, DB2 and Java technologies. These applications are used to provide mutual fund data to end-users.

Phar-Mor – Re-organization

During the creation of the successful plan of re-organization of the major deep discount retailer, Dhara consultants led a team of outside professionals in the implementation of category management in the firm. Dhara closely worked with the merchants in the company to re-structure the product mix and increase the gross margin of the firm by 2% (200 basis points).

Supply Chain Visibility POC

Working with an off-shore team of developers, Dhara Consultants led an effort to create a proof of concept and reference implementation of a supply chain visibility project that allowed companies to track and trace products from the original components’ shipment points in Asia through the ports and logistics handling including final assembly and shipment to the end customer in the United States. This implementation uses public and private registries, bar code symbols, global identifier’s, RFID codes and readers supporting EPCGlobal implementation standards and numbering.

Sales Pipeline Management

Working closely with the senior team for management, Dhara Consultants created a system that managed the pipeline line process from sales lead qualification to complete implementation. Scorecards for progress were created in a portal that presented information from the various systems inside of UCCnet in a “mash-up” from these systems so each participant in the sales and implementation process had their own up-to the minute view of progress.

Product Governance

Dhara Consultants worked with a core group of representatives from trading partners to establish an effective form of governance for the requirements and releases of the UCCnet Service in a way that met the needs of the user companies and provided an effective mechanism for release management and acceptance for a large user community of Global 500 customers. This was done in a way that included the representation of Commercial Solution Providers as well as small and medium enterprises in the process.