Container orchestration

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Container orchestration technology is used to manage and automate containerized software deployments. Orchestration software provides cluster management, ease of scaling, high availability through self-healing and ultimately enables operations teams to govern the shape and size of a containerized deployment to meet mission load and demand. An application can be scaled in real-time and without the need for downtime by simply changing a variable. Applications can also be scaled up or down automatically based on system load definitions.

Kubernetes is a popular open source platform for container orchestration. Kubernetes can manage distributed clusters across both private and public clouds individually or even simultaneously, for high availability hybrid-cloud deployments. This capability provides an automated response to network unavailability by deploying addition containers to the available cloud provider.

Dhara specializes in leveraging containerization and Kubernetes technologies to enhance, scale, and deliver mission-critical, highly available system design. Transform your organizations capability through rapid self-recovery, multi-cloud and multi-platform capabilities through the power of containerization.