Solution Architecture

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Solution Architecture encompasses a well-defined set of systems and sub-systems that are loosely-coupled and with clearly-defined interfaces. In most cases, a well-thought and clearly defined Solution Architecture is the foundation for maintainability of software systems.

Absent such rigor, IT systems can quickly devolve into a maze of intermingled systems that have cross-dependencies and progressively harder to maintain and enhance. A well-defined Solution Architecture encourages architected reuse, which results in significant cost savings for the enterprise.
At AF DCGS, DHARA™ worked with key stakeholders to drive the organization towards Shared Services, such as SOA ESB. This resulted in significant cost savings and enterprise-wide cost avoidance.

Another key factor for Solution Architecture is the adherence to sound Software Engineering principles such as 12 factor principles. DHARA™ Has evangelized this methodology to various development teams, which resulted in modular and containerized software, resulting in portability across deployment domains and easier maintainability.

UML and Model Based Systems Engineering are key toolsets and frameworks that a good Solution Architect utilizes to drive towards establishing a maintainable and reusable set of software systems. DHARA™ has expert staff that are proficient in all aspects of these tools and regularly develop solutions for our customers.

Enterprise Architecture encompasses the larger goals of an enterprise. Enterprise Architecture is realized through one or more Solution Architecture(s). Keeping the larger scope of Solution Architecture is a big factor in its success.

DHARA™ Team understands the clear distinctions and nuances between Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture. Our team has a very rich mixture of both talents.

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