Falkonry Signs DHARA™ as a System Integrator

Falkonry signs DHARA™ as a system integrator.
DHARA™ is pleased to announce its partnership with Falkonry, to provide Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) system integration at our customer locations in Dept. of Defense, Dept. of State and potentially other Federal Agencies. Utilizing our domain knowledge in various mission-critical systems in Federal/DOD/IC Agencies, we plan to bring operational efficiencies across the board.
“Our partnership with Falkonry is taking us to the next level of value-chain, graduating us from a typical software services provider, into a higher-end product integrator. We are genuinely excited!”
Sastry Dhara
Timeliness of alerts, accurate interpretation of data, and generating actionable predictions for future state of systems – are just a few of the benefits of Falkonry and DHARA™ partnership for our customers. Falkonry’s initial implementation at AF DCGS will be followed up with other integration efforts in multiple domains and security enclaves.
“Falkonry is pleased to partner with Dhara Consulting to apply Falkonry Operational AI to intelligence exploitation, especially for multi-source real-time data,” said Dr. Nikunj Mehta, Founder and CEO of Falkonry.
Sastry V Dhara