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As your partner, we are driven to provide you with quality IT solutions that help reach your maximum potential. By providing one-to-one consulting with every assignment, we help you solve your most pressing challenges day-in-and-day-out. Every solution we design is built upon sound strategy, managed efficiently and implemented effectively, providing you with sustainable IT solutions.

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Project Management

Our focus on delivering solutions that support your existing capabilities and future needs, allows us to develop customized IT solutions that achieve results. We view ourselves as your partner and will effectively manage all processes on the path towards performance optimization.

Our project management techniques are real-world techniques based on our experience. We streamline our processes to only deliver cost effective project management solutions that meet the real needs of your organization. Our approach is to place the right professionals that truly understand your business problem on your project. We will not engage with you as a client if we do not understand your business issues and believe that our project management approach will deliver success.

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Systems Development and Implementation

At Dhara™ we deliver cost effective solutions that meet the needs of our clients by capitalizing on open source and emerging technologies. Quality Assurance is built into the product development and implementation process from the onset ensuring you a successful result.

As part of our implementation services, we also offer solutions that move existing projects that are stuck in testing forward into completion quickly and effectively.

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IT Operations and Support

Dhara provides expertise in the areas of security, database administration and configuration management. We deliver the specific, professional expertise needed to support your needs in your environment regardless of configuration.