Dhara Program Management

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Program Management is a core strength at Dhara Consulting Group. Our staff have managed programs/teams supporting mission-critical 24×7 enterprise-wide, large-scale systems. Our experience includes working with multiple Government agencies and the corporate sector companies to manage nationwide and worldwide database and network systems, coordinating enterprise/solution architecture teams, cyber security teams of Information System Security Officers (ISSOs), and software development teams developing core-business software solutions.

Our program managers are builders of successful teams: demonstrating and promoting strong communication skills required to meet customer / stakeholder needs, bringing the necessary strategic and tactical planning to ensure success throughout the program, promoting innovation in all of our activities and providing strong support for quality assurance/quality control on all our programs. Our program managers are strong advocates of quality documentation and encourage the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to document all critical processes.

All of our program managers continue to be current on program/project technologies and tools. They have extensive experience managing in SAFe 5.0 Agile environments using Jira, Confluence and SharePoint. Our program managers are strong supporters of cybersecurity industry standards to ensure all systems/environments are properly secure. Some have served as Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). We continue to lead our customers to success in cloud adoption with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and hybrid cloud technologies. All of our program managers have multiple certificates including PMP, CISSP, ITIL and SAFe. Most are cleared at the top secret level.